Mining MaxxChain - Ubuntu

These instructions are for Ubuntu users, will work for version 18,20,22. Note that there are similarity in setting up a mining node and a regular node but some minor change and precautions needs to be

Setup a user

Create a user ubuntu and provide sudo permission

useradd -m ubuntu
passwd ubuntu

Make him sudo

usermod -aG sudo ubuntu

Try not to use root to install. Use ubuntu user to continue with steps below.

Default Ports

Allow ports 30303 on firewall with the following command

🚨 Security Alert 🚨

Do not open port (8545)

ufw allow 30303 # allows peers connect to you but not required if you don't want to publish your node address
ufw deny 8545 # do this just to be sure the port is not left open

Switch to the ubuntu user we just created above

su ubuntu
cd ~

Install Go Lang if you have not already done so:

🚨 Make sure you are in /home/ubuntu folder 🚨

tar -xvf go1.19.linux-amd64.tar.gz
sudo rm -fr /usr/local/go
sudo mv go /usr/local
export GOROOT=/usr/local/go
export PATH=$GOPATH/bin:$GOROOT/bin:$PATH

Installing MaxxChain Node

Clone Repo and build geth

cd ~
git clone
cd go-ethereum/
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y
sudo apt-get install build-essential make git screen unzip curl nginx pkg-config nmap xterm screen tcl -y
make geth

Add geth to path (optional)

export PATH=/root/go-ethereum/build/bin:$PATH"

Setup genesis Block

git clone && cd genesis-block

If you want to mine MaxxChain Testnet use 👇

geth --datadir data init /path/to/genesis-block/testnet.json

If you will be mining MaxxChain Mainnet use 👇

geth --datadir data init /path/to/genesis-block/mainnet.json

Create account for mining rewards

geth account new

Enter a strong password and save the generated address, which will be used to receive mining rewards.

Start the geth client with the --mine flag to enable mining and --miner.etherbase flag to set the mining reward address. Replace <your_reward_address> with the address generated in the previous step:

geth --networkid 10201 --datadir data --port 30303 --syncmode full --mine --miner.etherbase=<your_reward_address>

Geth will start mining using your local machine's resources. You can also add the --miner.threads flag followed by a number to specify the number of CPU threads to use for mining. For example, --miner.threads=4 would use 4 threads.

🚨 Important note 🚨

Make sure to replace the --networkid 10201 with the appropiate chain id depending if you want to run the MaxxChain mainnet or the testnet.

Connect to geth console to add seed peers

git clone && cd bootnodes
  • Give permission to the executable bash file

sudo chmod 755
sudo chmod 755

Run the command to install community defined MaxxChain peers onto your geth

If you are running MaxxChain mainnet


If you are running MaxxChain testnet


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