Limit Orders

What is a Limit Order A limit order is a type of trade order where a trader sets a specific price at which they are willing to buy or sell an asset. This order will only execute if the market price reaches the limit price set by the trader. A limit order allows traders to control the price at which they trade and can be used to enter or exit a position at a specific price. Unlike market orders, limit orders do not execute immediately but instead wait for the market price to reach the limit price.

To place a Limit Order

Step 1: Connect your wallet

Step 2: Select the cryptocurrency or asset you wish to trade, and select ‘Limit Order’ from the available order types

Step 3: Enter the price at which you wish to buy or sell the asset in the ‘Limit Price’ field

Step 4: Enter the amount of the asset you wish to trade in the amount field

Step 5: You may use the slider tool to choose what percentage of your holdings you want to trade

Step 6: Review your order details and confirm the limit order to complete the order

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