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What is KYC and Why is it Needed?

KYC or Know Your Customer is the process of identity verification. Following Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations, crypto exchanges should adopt a risk-based approach to KYC compliance. Risk-based compliance requires firms to perform risk-assessments of individual customers, and then implement a proportionate AML/CFT response. If an assessment finds that a customer is high risk, the crypto exchange should deploy more intensive compliance measures – as opposed to simpler measures for low risk customers. Risk-based compliance enables crypto exchanges to deploy their AML/CFT resources more efficiently, while protecting customers from negative experiences, as far as possible.

Who Needs to KYC at GemPad?

Currently only project owners need to KYC with us if they are applying for *Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Alpha Tier. *Gold - only if they want to, they are however not obliged in comparison to Platinum and Diamond

How to KYC

To proceed with your KYC+ verification, please contact with the following information:

Project Name GemPad KYC+ Verification Project Blockchain (ETH, BSC, etc) Email Address

Why Does Assure Defi handle GemPad's KYC+ process?

As part of GemPad’s commitment to Blockchain security, we have chosen Assure DeFi, the market leader, as our exclusive provider of KYC verification services. The base KYC+ verification cost is $599 and is required for our Platinum, Diamond & Alpha tiers.

GemPad chose Assure Defi not only for their unmatched verification integrity, but for their extensive professional marketing, promotion, and advisory services, which have consistently yielded higher success launches for projects.

As part of GemPad’s goal of enabling the best project launch available, we are subsidizing and have negotiated significant discounts for all of Assure DeFi’s services. This allows you to easily tap into Assure’s deep experience in crypto/WEB3 & gain valuable guidance on how to get early traction in this highly competitive market. GemPad strongly recommends that you take advantage of Assure Defi’s professional services, to broadcast your credibility, and supercharge your project launch.

Project leaders can click here for more info on what Assure Defi offer.

We reserve the right to reveal identities for those wanting to file criminal charges if a project scams investors.

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