PWR (Power) Coin

MaxxChain's native coin that powers its ecosystem
The Flow of PWR Coin
Users can trade for PWR coin using Coinstore (CEX)
Users can trade for wPWR on Ethereum via Uniswap and receive wPWR on ETH
If received from Coinstore, users can transfer PWR to their DeFi Wallet to use on MaxxSwap.
With wPWR on ETH, users can use the Sphynx Bridge to trade wPWR on ETH for wPWR on MaxxChain.
Users can use MaxxSwap to trade PWR for wPWR which can be used on chain.
(Click here to see the difference between PWR vs wPWR)
With wPWR on MaxxChain, users on can use the Sphynx Bridge to trade wPWR on MaxxChain for wPWR on ETH.
Users can use both PWR and wPWR to trade for projects on-chain (such as Nexus)
If using PWR coin, MaxxSwap will automatically convert PWR to wPWR prior to swapping for any on-chain token project
With wPWR on MaxxChain on hand, users originally from Ethereum will now able to trade for any project on MaxxChain (such as Nexus)
Wrapped PWR contract on MaxxChain:
Wrapped PWR contract on ETH:
Trade for wPWR on ETH via Uniswap:
Trade for wPWR on ETH via Sphynx Swap: