On-Chain Developer Services

Simplified DIY Launch and Deployment Services

Launch and Deploy in a Few Clicks

MaxxPloy offers a robust launchpad developed by an on-chain developer and project owner, designed with simplicity in mind for any project owner or developer.

Pre-written Contracts

Deploy your project within minutes using one of several pre-written contracts based on your requirements. Clear instructions guide you through the process. For more complex needs, contact our trusted on-chain partnered developers.

Presale and Fair Launches

If you're considering a presale, MaxxPloy provides options for both. Upon completion, projects can lock tokens or LP within the token and LP locker on MaxxPloy.

NFT Launchpad

Interested in launching an impressive NFT collection for your community? MaxxPloy offers pre-written contracts and user-friendly features to streamline the process.

Astrospaces Social Platform

Envision a platform where GeckoTerminal, MetaMask, Facebook, and Twitter seamlessly converge into one cohesive space. This provides an accurate depiction of what the Astrospaces platform embodies. Whether you wish to offer public commendations or share your insightful perspective on any on-chain project, Astrospaces caters to these needs. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive exploration of individual projects, gaining insights into their social communities' dynamics relative to others.

Audit and KYC Services

The MaxxChain team has curated different audit and KYC services through trusted partners in the space. Review each partner to find the service and package that suits your project best.



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