Profit Pass NFT Collection

USDT (BEP20) Rewards from multiple avenues

Your Gateway to Passive Income on MaxxChain

Unlock a new realm of passive income with the exclusive Profit Pass collection.


A limited edition of 300 Profit Passes are in the pipeline for minting, each obtainable at a price of 0.25 ETH.


As a Profit Pass holder, you will share all Relayer Fees accumulated by the MaxxChain Team from the cross-chain swap as well as all taxes generated from the wPWR/wETH pairing, awarded in USDT (BEP20), on a prorated basis. This implies that the revenue will be distributed based on the number of NFTs sold at the time of distribution. Additionally, each Profit Pass NFT will hold an intrinsic value of 100,000 PWR for the upcoming staking platform on MaxxChain where stakers will collect USDT rewards directly from profits generated through the Freight Factoring business.

Once half the NFT's have sold, a dashboard will be developed to allow owners to claim rewards in real time.


Profit Passes can be freely traded within the OpenSea NFT marketplace, facilitated by a nominal 5% creator’s fee.

Profit Pass Collection


300 NFTs


  • 2% taxes from wPWR/wETH on Uniswap

  • 100% fees generated from cross-chain swap

  • USDT rewards from future PWR staking platform (100,000 PWR value)







0.25 ETH


5 per wallet


Q: How much volume is required for Profit Pass holders to become profitable?

A: This is highly dependent on the volume on MaxxChain. However, with the increased push on the defi side plus the introduction of the freight factoring business, these NFT's can become extremely lucrative in the long term due to the multiple streams for profit and fee sharing.

As an example, volume of $10,000 daily for the wPWR token on Ethereum and $5,000 daily for the cross-chain swap would produce a reward of $40 USDT monthly for each holder assuming all 300 have been purchased. This does not include the implied value of 100,000 PWR, which at current prices (as at February 24, 2024), is worth approximately $300. The value of PWR can surely rise and with profits feeding back to NFT holders, there will consistently be 3 avenues, at the least, providing back to NFT holders in the long run.

Q: How long will the Profit Passes be valid?

A: FOREVER. Profit Pass holders will continue to receive USDT (BEP20) rewards from each profit source.

Q: Will I receive other tokens as a Profit Pass holder?

A: No. To provide a more seamless passive income option, Profit Pass holders will receive only stable coin (USDT - BEP20) rewards on a periodic basis.

Q: On which chain are the Profit Passes located?

A: The Profit Passes will be accessible on the Ethereum network and will be available for trading on OpenSea. Rewards are distributed in USDT BEP20 (on the BSC network)

Q: What will the raised funds be utilized for?

A: The funds will contribute to securing additional exchange listings as well as to provide liquidity for the introduction of a stable coin on MaxxChain.

Q: Will I start receiving USDT (BEP20) rewards immediately?

A: Revenue sharing in USDT (BEP20) will commence immediately upon your NFT purchase. Rewards will be distributed to each wallet on a periodic prorated basis, meaning that revenue will be divided according to the number of NFTs sold at the time of distribution.

Q: Is there a way to keep track of the USDT (BEP20) rewards accumulated?

A: Once half the NFT's have sold, a dashboard will be developed to allow owners to review and claim rewards in real time.

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