Lotto Maxx Instructions

Purchase Tickets

Participants will be able to purchase tickets and choose 3 numbers from a pool of 30. This selection can be made manually or through a randomly generated combination. Winning tickets must match all 3 numbers drawn to be eligible for the weekly prize pool.

Users have the option to purchase multiple tickets, thereby increasing their chances of winning. The drawing will continue until a winner is selected, ensuring that a winning ticket is always chosen, regardless of the number of tickets sold. In cases where multiple ticket holders possess the winning combination, the prize pool will be divided equally among all winners.

Prize Pool

The prize pool will comprise several components:

  • Lotto Maxx Ticket Sales

  • 1% of all taxes from Nexus Token volume

  • A portion of XTRA tokens allocated for Lotto Maxx prize pools

  • A possibility of bonus Nexus tokens from the MaxxChain team

Revenues from Nexus token taxes and ticket sales, after deducting a 10% fee as explained below, will be utilized to buy Nexus token. These tokens will then be added to the prize pool, ensuring that the winner receives both Nexus PWR and XTRA tokens.

A 10% fee from the prize pool will be taken by the MaxxChain team. This fee will be used to buyback and burn.

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