(Taken from GemPad Gitbooks)

KYC+ at GemPad

What is KYC+?

KYC+ is the badge given to those who complete KYC with Assure Defi. We give this badge to those who complete KYC with Assure Defi as we deem them to be one of if not the leader in all things KYC.

Why Does Assure Defi handle GemPad's KYC+ process?

GemPad chose Assure Defi not only for their unmatched verification integrity, but for their extensive professional marketing, promotion, and advisory services, which have consistently yielded higher success launches for projects.As part of GemPad’s goal of enabling the best project launch available, we are subsidizing and have negotiated significant discounts for all of Assure DeFi’s services. This allows you to easily tap into Assure’s deep experience in crypto/WEB3 & gain valuable guidance on how to get early traction in this highly competitive market. GemPad strongly recommends that you take advantage of Assure Defi’s professional services, to broadcast your credibility, and supercharge your project launch.Project leaders can click here for more info on what Assure Defi offer.

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