Orderbook DEX

Welcome to the MaxxChain Orderbook DEX, where you can access a fully featured non-custodial Orderbook DEX and Hybrid AMM. Decentralized Lending and Perpetuals are coming soon. Use the following guide to discover how to use the trading tools.

Currently on testnet within the Algorand network, it will expand to over 10 other chains during Q4.

MaxxChain is currently working to obtain Wormhole acceptance which is required for integration into the platform.

Advantages to MaxxChain:

  • MaxxChain can list any token from any chain on their Orderbook DEX, increasing visibility for the chain.

  • Upcoming projects will have the ability to create pairings and list on various chains, including BSC and ETH.

  • Once integrated, MaxxChain will offer PWR pairings, with liquidity shared and visibility across all other Orderbook DEX platforms.

  • MaxxChain will earn fees from all Orderbook DEX transactions, supporting future initiatives, like this one.

  • MaxxChain had the unique advantage of establishing itself as a leading blockchain provider of orderbook DEX listed projects

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