wPWR Ethereum Fairlaunch Details

Total Supply Minted

20,000,000 wPWR

Tokens for Fairlaunch

13,200,000 wPWR

Tokens for Liquidity

6,732,000 wPWR

51% of raise to LP


2% Dev Tax Buy/Sell



Maximum Contribution


Max tokens per ETH at Launch

2,660,000 PWR

Based on 5 ETH Softcap

Estimated Minimum Price at Launch


Fairlaunch Start

Tuesday November 14 at 16:00UTC

Fairlaunch End

Friday November 17 at 16:00UTC


  • wPWR supply on Ethereum network will be backed 1:1 to absolute PWR coin supply.

  • The starting supply of wPWR on Ethereum will be equivalent to approximately 7.5% of total circulating supply of PWR.

  • Bridging between Ethereum and MaxxChain networks will be available via SphynxLabs Bridge (implementation currently in progress)

  • Funds raised by MaxxChain will be used to further development with SphynxLabs, stable coin backing on MaxxChain, overhead reserve. Exact allocations will be provided depending on total amount raised.

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