Launching a token using MaxxPloy

Step-by-step instructions on the simple process of launching or deploying a token on MaxxChain using MaxxPloy

MaxxPloy is built with simplicity in mind while bringing a robust array of functionality for projects and developers alike. Its simple to use interface allows any individual of any skill level to come in and deploy their token project with ease.


Projects looking to use MaxxPloy to launch their token project can do so with ease thanks to the various options built into the platform.

Projects are given 4 different options in terms of presales — each with their own set of rules giving the project owner several ways to maximize their presale and launch.

Once a presale type is chosen, the project owner will have to fill in the required information to complete the presale listing.

After the information has been entered, the platform will provide the project owner with details of the proposed presale and allow them to finalize and deploy the presale to the general public.

Token Deployment

Project owners and developers who do not require a presale and would like to stealth launch their token project can also do so with MaxxPloy in 3 easy steps.

To start, only a standard token without taxes will be available for deployment, however, as we move forward, other options will become available.

Project owners can deploy contracts in minutes once the required information is provided within the platform.

For additional information, you can visit the AstroSpaces telegram.

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