Nexus Drip Platform

Review the details behind Nexus Tokens' unique triple-token rewards platform.

Link to Nexus Drip dAPP

Lock your Nexus tokens within the projects unique triple-token reward platform to earn rewards in a combination of PWR coins and up to two other projects listed on MaxxChain (coming soon). 5% of all buy and sell taxes will contribute to the rewards pool which will then be disbursed to those that lock their tokens, with an increased share when locking for longer periods.

Holders can select from 15- and 30-day reward periods where the amount of drip will be calculated based on the number of rewards in the pool as well as the number of tokens in the pool and the prorated time the tokens were in the pool since the last distribution.

Locking for a 30 day period will produce a 25% bonus in drip rewards compared to the 15 day period.

Rewards are earned periodically based on tax accumulation from token volume and users can claim those rewards at any time. Users will have access to full details of their reward amounts as well as their life-to-date rewards within the staking dApp.

For all rewards provided to holders, 5% of the amount will be sent to the BURN wallet removing those PWR coins completely from circulation while the other 5% will be used to buy back and burn Nexus token.

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