wPWR on the Ethereum Network

Expanding Our Reach with wPWR on ETH

Acknowledging the need for diversification and growth, we are actively exploring ways to build upon our existing foundation and expand our ecosystem. Our primary challenge lies in broadening our reach beyond our current contributor and supporter base, many of whom have been with us since our inception.

To address this challenge and amplify our presence, we are reaching out to new projects and their communities, aiming to increase the number of chain holders. However, persuading individuals accustomed to well-established chains such as ETH and BSC presents its complexities. Re-establishing our mission, vision, and identity was just the first step in attracting the spotlight to our chain. To truly achieve this, we must place a greater emphasis on marketing and advertising. Yet, we understand that marketing a project in the crypto space, especially a blockchain, is a challenging endeavor, both in theory and financially.

To overcome this challenge and boost our growth, we propose to launch wPWR on the Ethereum network. This initiative will:

  • Introduce a new DEX listing for wPWR, expanding our reach to Ethereum users.

  • Eliminate the immediate need for a costly CEX listing, conserving valuable resources.

  • Conduct a fairlaunch on a launchpad platform with funds primarily allocated to liquidity on the Ethereum network, enabling additional marketing efforts and essential development work to bridge the wPWR token on ETH with absolute supply of PWR on MaxxChain.

  • With a fair launch for the wPWR token, we have the opportunity to see increased volume and demand for PWR within Coinstore and the PWRSource bridge.

  • Provide raised liquidity that benefits current users, opening doors to and from MaxxChain, showcasing the DeFi side of the Ethereum chain.

  • Back the wPWR token on ETH with actual PWR coins allocated for CEX listings, allowing seamless movement between the ETH and MaxxChain networks.

  • Utilize the fairlaunch platform as a powerful marketing tool through our listing, which will be portraying our already established MaxxChain ecosystem, enticing potential projects and developers to join MaxxChain. Our main focus will be on our blockchain use-case.


CoinMarketCap includes consolidated information regarding both our supply of PWR and wPWR on Ethereum - Link Here

CoinGecko currently lists PWR but we are in process of adding our wPWR on Ethereum listing to be combined - Link Here

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