Cross Chain Swap

Trade over 850 different crypto assets cross chain! (PWR coming soon)

Welcome to MaxxChain's Cross-Chain Swap, a versatile tool empowering crypto users to trade over 850 different crypto assets seamlessly across various chains. Enjoy a swift and efficient process without the need to connect your wallet to any specific platform. Follow these step-by-step instructions for a seamless trading experience:

Step 1: Initiate the Exchange

  • Begin by selecting the crypto assets you want to trade and receive.

  • Click on "Exchange." For example, you might choose to trade BTC for USDT across multiple chains.

  • Review the provided information on rates and fees by clicking on the relevant links.

Step 2: Confirm Exchange Details and Input Wallet Addresses

  • On the subsequent screen, review the exchange details.

  • Provide the wallet address where you'll receive the exchanged crypto asset.

  • Optionally, input a refund wallet address for transaction issue resolution.

  • Click on "Next" to proceed.

Step 3: Review and Confirm Transaction

  • Receive details on the transfer and review entered wallet addresses.

  • The widget provides an estimated arrival time for your assets.

  • Confirm your agreement with the terms by checking the box and click on "Exchange."

Step 4: Send the Originating Crypto Asset

  • The next screen provides the wallet address for the originating crypto asset.

  • Copy the address and send the crypto asset directly from your DeFi wallet.

  • Alternatively, if using a mobile phone, scan the QR code for an instant deposit transaction.

Step 5: Monitor Transaction Progress

  • Subsequent screens will display the transaction progress, moving from "Awaiting Deposit" to "Confirming," "Exchanging," and finally, "Sending to You."

Step 6: Confirm and Receive Confirmation

  • Upon completion, receive a confirmation including the total transaction time and other relevant information.

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