Staking Instructions

Users now have the opportunity to lock their USDT-BEP20 stable coins for a 6-month period, in return for which they will receive monthly rewards in USDT-BEP20.

  1. Enter our dAPP below and contribute any amount of USDT-BEP20:

Funds can be sent at anytime for up to 6-months (a hard date will be provided in the future).

  1. The funds will be sent for trading and will commence receiving rewards within a few days.

  2. Individual rewards cannot be viewed but will follow the performance as shown in the periodic updates.

  3. When reward payouts are ready, the user can elect to reinvest the rewards or collect the payout.

  4. At the end of the 6-month period, the user can elect to remove their entire amount invested plus rewards, or keep it in the platform for the full 12 month term.

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